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Drug Charge Defense for
Hollidaysburg, PA, Residents

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney for Drug Crimes Near Altoona

One of the most common causes of arrest in the Altoona area is drug charges. From drug possession to possession with intent to distribute, drug charges can make life much more difficult. When Blair County residents find themselves in hot water with drug arrests, they trust Mark S. Zearfaus, Esq., to handle the case. With over 20 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney,

Attorney Zearfaus has the expertise to win the case. These cases require qualified hands, and that starts with a visit to our law office. To get started, give Mark S. Zearfaus, Esq., a call today. Reach out at (814) 931-9348 or contact us online for more information.

Allow Our Defense Attorney to Find the Facts in Drug Cases

There are a number of defenses against drug charges in Pennsylvania, and Mark S. Zearfaus knows how to fight for your rights. One of the most common defenses to drug charges involves unlawful searches and seizures. The fourth amendment protects citizens from these searches and seizures and our attorney makes sure police do not violate these rights.

There are a number of other defenses to drug charges and Mark S. Zearfaus, Esq., checks the facts for all situations. Give our law office a call today and find out your legal options after a drug arrest.

Serving Drug Charge Clients Throughout the Altoona Area

Mark S. Zearfaus, Esq., has a history of serving clients charged with drug offenses throughout Blair County and surrounding areas. With our office conveniently located in downtown Hollidaysburg, we can serve clients from a number of surrounding areas. In Blair County, clients from Altoona, Tyrone, and other areas visit our office for drug charges. Additionally, we serve areas outside of the county, including Bedford, Everett, and Ebensburg. Regardless of where our clients live in Central PA, they can always trust Mark S. Zearfaus for drug defense. Give our experienced criminal defense attorney a call today.