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Criminal Defense for Assault
in Hollidaysburg, PA

Call Mark S. Zearfaus After Receiving Assault Charges in Blair County, PA

Mark S. Zearfaus, Esq., knows how assault charges can ruin someone’s life. From fines and jail time to irreparable damage to reputations, these serious charges require proper representation. Our defense attorney works hard to find the pertinent facts in every assault case. When clients from Blair County talk to our attorney after receiving assault charges, they find immediate peace of mind.

We know the court system and have the experience to represent our clients and fight for their best outcome. To find out more about our criminal defense services for assault charges, speak with our attorney in Hollidaysburg. Call today at (814) 931-9348 or contact us online for more information.

Our Defense Attorney Knows the Assault Court Process

As a qualified criminal defense attorney, Mark S. Zearfaus knows how to properly represent clients facing assault charges. One of the more common defenses to assault charges is self-defense. Our defense attorney has the expertise to find facts from the case to exonerate his clients. These include any facts that could prove assault occurred due to self-defense or another defensible situation.

Our knowledge of the Blair County courts and experience with the cases allow us to provide the highest quality of assault defense. Call our Hollidaysburg-area law office today to inquire about assault defense with Mark S. Zearfaus, Esq.

Working With Assault Clients in Bedford and Cambria Counties

Area residents facing assault charges can trust Mark S. Zearfaus, Esq., to provide them with proper representation for their day in court. Located in Hollidaysburg, our attorney also represents surrounding counties, including Bedford and Cambria Counties. Whether assault clients reside in Bedford, Ebensburg, or Altoona, they can trust our attorney’s expertise and work ethic. Take the first step with a phone call or visit to our office on Allegheny Street in Hollidaysburg. We look forward to hearing from you.